Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just one non-nursey thing...

Pretty much the most calming song and video I've ever seen. I'm trying to remember to take it easy--this seems to do the trick somehow.



creaturagirl said...

Hi Nat! Oh my God, I just cannot get over the coincidence of your "relax" video. I was accepted to the UW MEPN program the beginning of this year, which will begin in June. A few days after receiving my admittance letter, a friend and I had lunch, and then meandered into a vintage clothing and accessories store in Seattle. I walked out with a vintage pair of roller skates, and planned on rewarding myself for getting admitted with a skate. Well, Here it is a few months later, I have a hobby I love, and I have fallen in absolute love with my new skates from, who incidentally are located in SF. I still have the old white ones, but I needed something more comfortable. I have been skating almost daily since, and it is the most wonderful, relaxing, fantastically fun exercise imaginable. I hope it will help me unwind after grueling days of nursing clinicals... if i can find the time, that is!
Here's to MEPN!!!
Good luck to you Nat, and thanks for sharing the video. Nothing like seeing smiling people on roller skates. ;)
Beth Lamb

woody said...

Cute....reminds me of being a kid in San fran, that dude on the bike and all the gnarly skaters, tight...on a side note didn't UW MEPN get phased out 2007/2008? I'll be doing a MEPN somewhere next year. --wood

creaturagirl said...

almost a year exactly to respond! that's funny. yes, i have now been skating throughout my mepn career, and it has destressed me like nothing else could.
yes, the mepn (master's entry program in nursing) is now phased out, so people have to get a doctorate to become a nurse practitioner at Univ. WA., and they are calling it Gepn, (graduate entry program in nursing) which i think is silly, since mepn is technically a graduate program as well. the reason for this was ridiculous. they were calling it DEPN, for Doctor entry program in nursing, but someone from austria said that that was a word which meant idiot or something similar, in german. go figure.
take care!
beth lamb