Monday, July 2, 2007

Gungo Ho Balance

REFLECTING ON: General thoughts on the first week...

I’ve been up since 5:00am. I figure 6 hours of sleep is how I will roll during the week and then I will catch up a bit on the weekend. I feel so out of sorts and overwhelmed with all of this right now. We’ve been assigned like 1 billion pages of reading, and none of it is all that mellow. I mean, it all has to do with saving lives, right, so how could any of it be mellow?

As I read the pages over and over, I am inundated with the same thought: can I really do this? I answer, “Of course I can. Others have done it before me and so can I.” But I’ve never done this. I’ve never been through this. It is SOO overwhelming I can’t even describe it in words.

Then, the logical part of my brain kicks in: Okay, so if you can’t do all of the reading, then probably most other people can’t as well. Just keep working and do the best you can, Nat.

I really hope that working hard and plugging away is enough.

I’m going to school with some pretty cool and interesting people. Several of them even seem balanced so I’m going to try to take some hints from them.

Today, Sonia said that we were really lucky. We get to learn what we really want at an outstanding institution and that’s all that we have to do. We get to do this. It’s a privilege. It’s true. Not an obstacle—a great opportunity.

I get to work really hard and become competent at helping people. I get to be dedicated and focused and supported. I am lucky.

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lance said...

My best friend(wife) will soon be entering the program, which she wants so badly, and I know its going to be very hard. She is bright, thoughtful and has a passion for helping people. Sooner then later she will be the @ the top of her field and be doing what she lives. I am there for you all the way!!!!!