Friday, December 7, 2007

Stanford Life Flight

Phenomenal. Today I did a "fly-along" with the folks at Stanford Life-Flight. I got to go on three flights. The first was to a public relations event where we showed off for the some folks in Santa Cruz county. The second flight was to a hospital in the central valley to do a transfer and the third was to do a "scene" landing for a traffic accident. We were not able to land at the traffic accident because of its remote location, it was dark, and the fog prevented any and all visibility. Seriously fun.

All I can say is that this experience was riveting. I find the whole nursing thing pretty overwhelming on land--imagine trying to put an I.V. in a trauma patient while enclosed in the tiny passenger quarters of a helicopter! Amazing. One day I might get there, but for the time being I think I need to get things right while not wearing a flight suit.

Some may think this is a strange way to spend winter vacation, but like I've said before, I'm all in. Here are some pics of the day:

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